Know your rights

If you have a criminal law matter, James and Co Lawyers can help you know your rights and ensure that you are treated fairly when dealing with the police.

It is imperative that if you are contacted by the police, before you answer any questions or partake in any interviews you obtain independent legal advice. You have a right to such advice, the police ought to provide you with this opportunity and you should exercise your right. If you are otherwise approached by the police on the street then you only need to inform the police of your name and your address. You are not under any other obligations to answer any other questions and should not do so until you have sought legal advice.

The earlier you obtain advice, the better it can ultimately be for you. If you have just been charged, need some advice about dealing with the police, or are in custody and want to make a bail application, we can:

  • explain what your offence means
  • give you information and advice
  • explain what your penalty might be
  • explain what will happen in court
  • liaise with Police Prosecutions and
  • make submissions on your behalf
  • represent you in either the Magistrates Court, District Court or Supreme Court.

So if you need someone on your side to help protect your rights, contact us.

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