Wills, General and Enduring Powers of Attorney and Advanced Health Directives

Have you ever thought what might happen to your family if something were to happen to you and you did not have a Will?

What if you ever lost the ability to manage your own affairs? Who would make decisions about health related matters or financial matters on your behalf?

Do you have specific wishes in relation to the treatment you would or would not want to receive if you were to become ill?

Estate Planning is planning for the unexpected by ensuring arrangements are in place to provide for your family or those close to you in the event of your passing or should you become unable to manage your own affairs.

James and Co Lawyers can offer you expert advice on Wills, Enduring Powers of Attorney and Advanced Health Directives so that you can feel safe and sound knowing that your future and your family’s future are secure.

For further information on what these documents are and how such documents could assist you and you’re loved ones, contact us today.

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