Know your rights and entitlements after separation. We at James and Co. Lawyers understand that separating is an emotional, difficult and uncertain time and if not managed positively can have far reaching adverse emotional, psychological and financial consequences. This is where we come in.

Our Family Law Division is headed up by Selena Cartwright a down-to-earth multi-award winning lawyer, manager and businesswoman who possesses over 15 years experience in dealing with the most complex and the most delicate family law related matters, both on a domestic and international level.

Selena together with our family law team takes the time to understand your family, your needs and what’s important to you and your family. Once we gain an understanding of those matters, we then work with creativity, sensitivity, foresight and at times in collaboration with other professionals to help you understand your rights and deliver real tailor-made solutions to safeguard your financial future and the future of your children.

We provide tactical and individualized advice across a wide range of matters relating to family law, de facto and same-sex relationships, including but not limited to:

  • Binding Financial agreements;
  • Property settlements and the division of assets and liabilities;
  • Divorce;
  • Spousal maintenance;
  • Parenting Arrangements for your children, grandchildren or step children;
  • Child support;
  • Adoption;
  • Surrogacy;
  • “Domestic violence matters including applying for or contesting a Protection Order.”

We are also a preferred supplier of Legal Aid, so family law Legal Aid enquiries are most welcome.

So if you need someone on your side through this difficult and stressful time, contact our experienced team today. We look forward to delivering real solutions for your family law related matter.

Including advice on parenting plans, consent orders, family dispute resolution conferences and court proceedings; defending a domestic violence application made against you.

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